Parallel Fascism and Western-Supported Zionist Genocide of Palestine and Palestinians (Revised)

Gaza is a classic case of genocide in the sense that Western-supported Zionists are intentionally, methodically, using every strategy to destroy and extinguish the native Palestinian population, not only their present, but also their past.

It has nothing to do with Hamas.

In the above video, Dr. Mads Gilbert correctly describes the genocide as a colonial project which is eliminating the Palestinian people, their culture, their institutions, their archives, their history.

Hospitals, health care, primary health care, universities, museums are all being destroyed. Poets, academic leaders, universities, museums, and archaeological sites are all being destroyed.

Western-supported Zionists are destroying the history and identity of Palestine and Palestinians.

“This has nothing to do with the Hamas-Israeli war, “ asserts Gilbert, who has served as a medical doctor in Gaza, rather, it is a “cynical, sadistic colonial project.”

On-the-ground reporter Hind Khoudary emphasizes that Palestinians “are not dying only from the shelling and airstrikes, they are dying from the lack of access to medical care, lack of food, hunger and starvation …”

See this and this, and this.

Genocidal strategies of deprivation are less obvious than the shelling, but equally if not more devastating. Ralph Nader estimated earlier that the Washington/Zionist genocide of Palestinians has killed 200,000 people.

The West, with its bombs and billions, its political and economic support of this genocide, is displaying yet again its fascist core. This genocide support is, as described by Prof. Tim Anderson, a “parallel fascism” which is the heart and soul of Western imperialism, as it destroys target countries and target peoples as policy, camouflaged beneath war lies of humanitarianism, democracy and freedom.


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